The history of our company started in a coal cellar in Bad Essen in 1969. As in the case of many mid-size companies, it was nothing unusual at that time.

During the education of todays partner and founder Jürgen Emptmeyer, his then company where he learnt, a factory of agricultural machinery, had the first powder coating plant in Northern Germany. In those days, no one thought about hanging parts such as hooks.

Jürgen Emptmeyer, then 17 years old was asked by his operator if he could provide these hooks as a part of homework. Together with a technically skilled friend it became possible to find a solution. The idea was a handy device drawn on a beer coaster designed for economical production of small hooks. The manual bending machinewas built shortly thereafter. It enabled the production of 120 hooks within a minute. It was an unusual achievement. Very few of the contemporary wire bending machines can deliver on such a scale nowadays. First, the two friends had only 5 regular customers, for whom until 1987, additionally to education, studies and during the first years of professional activity, they produced hooks for varnishing with the use of a manual bending machine in the cellar. In the same year Jürgen Emptmayer dared to start an independent business. Since then he has been only involved in production and sale of hanging systems for the varnishing industry. Step by step, he professionalised and expanded the production programme from simple hooks to precise fixings for arnishing with the use of robots.

In 1993 in the present headquarters a new office and production building was built in the Wittlage industrial area. In the course of years, as part of a larger number of construction work stages, an office and production space with a current area of 6.400 m2 was created, where over 60 people work today. Production was constantly expanded and automated. Since the second half of 1990s, in addition to hanging systems, the offer has also included caps for masking parts. They are designed in the company and then manufactured individually in Asia. Now the construction department can also, even before the roduction of the series, prepare fixings for varnishing or masking elements in the CAD programme with high precision. Own pattern is a presentation of the constructed carrier of goods as a prototype, and the customer is presented solutions at the plant or on site.

To ensure the best possible care for our customers, the EMPTMEYER company concentrates on a wide range of site services, ensuring, in cooperation with subsidiaries in Belgium and Switzerland, operation at the international level. In the meantime the representation in Switzerland is conducted by the next generation from the EMPTMEYER company. The daughter Katharina has served the Swiss market since 2014 and intensifies export as part of the activities conducted. On 1 January 2017, the management was taken over from Jürgen Emptmeyer by the director Bernd Kulgemeyer, where Jürgen Emptmeyer is still the owner of the company.

EMPTMEYER, for several years a market leader in Germany, has an established position in the industry, providing good service, fast delivery and flexibility which distinguishes the company among others. Strategy for the future goes towards internationalisation but we do not forget about our regional roots.